18% COUNTY Property Tax Increase!

Vote No on Jeffco Issue 1A

A property Tax Increase hurts renters and homeowners.

County Spending

The county has sufficient revenue and allowed to increase spending by nearly 4%. They want more.

Increasing our county property tax by 18% is not financially responsible and makes housing even more expensive, especially for renters.

The county commissioners wrote the ballot question. Confusing text? You're right.

The ballot question is misleading and doesn't inform you of the real costs.

Ballot Issue 1A asks you to increase the mill levy to 21.478 from 18.239. That's a 17.76% increase!

One of the biggest problems we face is high housing costs. Ballot Issue 1A makes it worse.

Ballot Issue 1A is not the answer


Higher Property Taxes Increase Cost of Housing

Whether you rent or own, Issue 1A increases the cost of housing.

Higher Property Tax for Business Owners

Business property is taxed at a higher assessment rate.

Issue 1A raises the cost of doing business which will be passed on to consumers.

Property Taxes

We're facing a jump in property taxes due to soaring values.

How much more can you afford?

Tell the county that they need to prioritize spending.

This is a spending problem, not a revenue problem.


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No Jeffco Tax Hike - Volunteer Team


Ballot Issue Information


Proponents and Opponents of a Ballot Issue may submit comments for the TABOR notice which is mailed to all voters.

We fulfilled the requirements to submit comments as opponents to the Ballot Issue 1A property tax hike.

It came to our attention just days after the guide had been  mailed to 400,000 voters that someone else had also submitted "against" comments which in fact were not by our registered committee and were meant to confuse voters.

After investigating who had submitted the subterfuge "against" comments, we found out it was the proponents. They did not include the components required by law - CRS 1-7-901(3), yet the election department accepted and published their comments.

We still have no proof that "John W II Gill" submitted the comments. The metadata on the attachment in the email shows Rebecca Winning as the author. You can hear from her in the video linked below.

Nothing can remedy this cheap trick by the proponents. The ballot guide went out with the sabotage statements. 

The proponents did not include their address or signature. The comments should never have been accepted and published. Watch the 9News video here.


Jefferson County Issue 1A


Jefferson County enjoys reasonable and proven taxpayer protections through our Taxpayer's Bill of Rights (TABOR), which lets county government tax and spend at common sense levels but prevents fiscal irresponsibility. 

Don’t let the big-money campaign for 1A fool you – it is a tax increase and permanently eliminates these taxpayer protections. Vote NO on 1A!

Ballot Issue 1A will increase cost of housing both for homeowners and renters.

· Jefferson County Ballot Issue 1A increases our county property taxes by 18%!
Vote No on 1A property tax increase!

· 1A permanently eliminates restrictions against excessive county fees and spending. Don't give up your right to have a say in higher fees and spending.

· 1A eliminates limits on county government spending of our property taxes for years to come.  Vote No on 1A!

· In August 2020, the Commissioners introduced a budget that INCREASES funding for the sheriff's department. Clearly, there will be no “cuts” for the Sheriff. The “close the jails” campaign is just how politicians sell tax increases – it is not reality. 

· Ballot Issue 1A hits business property owners 4x as hard as residential property owners. Additional costs must be passed on to consumers, increasing the cost of goods and services. 

· Ballot Issue 1A property tax increases will likely be passed on to renters making housing less affordable. Ouch! 

· For decades, Jefferson County has managed to balance its budget every year with taxpayer's protections in place. Our Taxpayer's Bill of Rights allows a spending increase of nearly 4%, but the Commissioners state that is not enough and want a blank check.

Do you have unlimited income to fund this blank check tax increase?

Vote No on 1A. Don’t let them eliminate the taxpayer protections that have served us well for decades.